Saturday, March 16, 2013

Travel Validation, DS-2019 (2) ウラ技

前回の記事で、不覚にも一時帰国に際して、Travel Validationをもらい損ねる、という大失態をしてしまいました。
Travel Validation, DS-2019 大ピンチ。。。

UTのOIA担当のMの好意でTravel Validated DS-2019を受け取りしだい、FedExのovernightで東京のホテルに郵送してもらう、という手はずが整えられました。

Time upです。


Dr. Xin.
Unfortunately, we still have not received your DS-2019 from ECFMG.  I have attached a letter to this email that you will need to print and take with you when you travel back to the U.S. on Sunday.  The letter is requesting U.S. Customs and Border Protection to issue you a Form I-515A.  If a J-1 exchange visitor appears at a port of entry in good faith without a properly completed or endorsed Form DS-2019, but otherwise appears eligible for admission as a J-1 exchange visitor, the inspecting officer may grant a temporary 30-day admission by issuing Form I-515A (Notice to Student or Exchange Visitor).  The temporary admission can then be converted to Duration of Status.  Our Office will need to mail certain documents to SEVP as soon as possible after your re-entry.  We have had physicians in the past enter the U.S. without the travel endorsement on their DS-2019.  I have successfully helped them turn their 30-day admission into Duration of Status as well.  You will remain in valid status and are eligible to continue your Fellowship program while we are waiting to convert your stay to Duration of Status.  I have listed my cell phone number on the bottom of the letter since you will be entering on a Sunday (xxx-xxx-xxxx).  Please call me at that number should you have any problems with your re-entry.  After your re-entry, please call our front desk at xxx-xxx-xxxx on Monday in order to schedule an appointment to meet with me.  Please bring any documents given to you at the port of entry in addition to your current immigration documents.


  • 仮にTravel validationのないDS-2019であっても添付の手紙を見せることで、Form I-515Aを申請できる。
  • Form I-515Aとは、一時的に30日間入国を許可する書類である。
  • ひとまずそれを発行してもらうことで入国し、その後、速やかにSEVPに届けることによって、問題なくFellowship programを続けることが可能。
まさに、Travel validationのないDS-2019で入国する際のウラ技的な方法です。


これで何とか出発を遅らせることなく、Travel validationのないDS-2019で入国できる一筋の道筋が見えました。


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